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God has a heart for the unborn


God has a heart for the unborn

Abortion as a medical procedure consists of extracting the baby already formed from the mother's womb and this is done up to a certain term, depending on the pregnancy. The baby is extracted with special utensils in pieces. In my opinion, abortion should be banned and allowed only in special cases, because abortion is a crime killing an innocent baby for some reason. Abortion is found in most cases of adultery, rape, or cases of unconsciousness. Because of the practice of pre-marital and extra-marital sexual intercourse, women find themselves in an embarrassing situation of an unplanned pregnancy and are obliged by selfish lovers or family members to resort to abortion as a “quick fix”. Mothers often don’t choose life even when they know abortion is wrong because they feel like they can’t handle the stress, pain and sacrifice of raising a child. However, women are usually unaware of the depression, guilt and shame that may plague them for a lifetime. This is a deed that cannot be undone and will probably be remembered with pain and regret.

Mothers also may not choose life because they think that they cannot love this child as much as he or she needs to be loved. In reality they can. The best way to love is to give life, even if that means giving the child life through adoption. They can also feel pressured by parents and society who tell them that they won’t accomplish their dreams or obtain success because of a child.

All of us must care for life, cherish life, with tenderness, warmth. To be pro-life means not only being against abortion, but to also understand why women make the choices that they do. There are many struggling mothers who do not feel like they are free to give their child a chance to live in the world. We are encouraged to help them realize that what they are carrying in their wombs are beautiful, unique, and wondrous human beings, to encourage and help mothers to see the truth of the sacredness of life.

Apart from creating strong outreach programs for single mothers and young women and teaching them about the amazing gift of being a mother, ultimately it comes down to loving them. In 1 John 4:12 it says, ”No one has ever seen God. Yet, if we love one another, God remains in us, and His love is brought to perfection in us.” There are so many ideas and solutions for helping and supporting mothers, but it takes a whole community to achieve them.

In my opinion these problems arise due to disobedience to God and lack of knowledge. The solution is to approach the Creator of man and learn how to honour him through our obedience. Last but not least, spiritual education, teaching children sound thinking and moral principles from an early age could heal the deep moral confusion which is the root cause of the evil inflicted on millions of innocent babies.

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