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March Ministry Report


Dear friends, It has been two years since the world turned up side down and the lives of many have been changed dramatically. For some people these are times filled with despair, fear and doubts. For others they are times of reassurance, because in the midst of troubles God's promises shine brighter and echo louder. No matter what may come NOTHING can separate us from the love of Christ! This is the TRUTH we should continue to build our lives on! Our destiny is safe and secure through the love of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!



By God's grace we continue to do our best to be good stewards and work for the Kingdom with everything that God has blessed us. We celebrate each baby who is born at Pulse Center with a profesional photo shoot. It looks easy but it is not:). Sometimes we have to bath the baby, feed him, shush him and the most difficult part is to make him stay the way we want him.:)



This summer, Lord willing, we plan on taking the purity program to a different level. We will have a 3 days trainning camp for the youth leaders where they will be given the proper tools to teach within their own groups the sensitive and important topics about sexuality and purity.

For once Ioana didn’t go to school to teach purity but part of the school came to Pulse to hear her message.A groups of students from a high school nearby came to visit the center, interact with the staff, and examine the fetus models. At the end of their visit each of them received a purity bracelet. Also she had a unique opportunity to teach purity through creative writting.